Kelly's Watercolor Creations

About the Artist

Kelly Miller is a self-taught artist. Born in Denver, Colorado, and a few years later her family moved to the western slope, Kelly began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, learning all she could from various art guides such as those from Jon Gnagy, and even caligraphy. Her art teacher in grades 7-9, Frances West, who had a gift for bringing out the best in her students was an inspiration to Kelly. Throughout her childhood Kelly has developed an appreciation for the high desert valleys of western Colorado surrounded by the breathtaking mountains spanning from the Rocky Mountains to the San Juans. She likes to sit among the aspen tress for hours with pencils, pens, brushes, watercolors and paper studying every detail to store up in her imagination for later works as well as those done on site. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Kelly's life would be centered upon her passion for art. Kelly's artwork is available in a line of fine quality blank greetiing cards, prints of various sizes as well as her original pieces.

Kelly's artwork is available for sale at her online store on at Kelly's Watercolor Creations

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